It is quite a common thing for a western country citizen to have a psychologist with whom it is possible to discuss anything that worries or bothers you. However here in Moscow it becomes complicated, because many professional psychologists who live and work in Moscow, can not speak English, and at the same time those who seek the help of a psychologist can speak English but not Russian.

I can imagine that you came to Moscow, leaving your parents or friends so many miles away. You found yourself in different culture with different and maybe even strange people around. You do not feel comfortable, you feel lonely and have a great desire to be listened and understood.

In such circumstances it can be a good idea to give me a call. My name is Tatiana Ulibisheva (in Russian such a complicated word for the family name means Smile). First of all my knowledge of the English language allows me to understand you very well, of course if you are not silent and say something. Secondly I have a good education in this field:

Moscow State University of M.V. Lomonosov – the faculty of Psychology;

The Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis – the faculty of System Family Psychotherapy;

I distantly studied M.Bowen Theory in Western Pennsylvania Family Center

I studied Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples with certified trainers from Canada and Europe in Moscow and London, and some other trainings and seminars in Moscow which help me to give professional psychological services to my clients.

I work with the following:

Grief and Loss therapy – to help clients to deal with grief. The most common issues that lead to grieving are related to the loss of a family member, friend, pet or relationship. There are however, other issues in which we can experience grief, such as the loss of a job, children leaving home, relocating.

Couples therapy – to help homosexual or heterosexual partners go beyond hurtful, unproductive and emotional disconnect, to teach couples how to engage in a dialogue that addresses each partner’s needs. It helps to move a couple from blaming to connecting.

I can also work in Emotionally Focused therapy model with couples.

Sexual dysfunctions therapy.

Parent-child relationships and Family counseling – to help families to cope with the stressors that life brings or any issues that may be pulling the family apart.

Individual Counseling – to work through a variety of issues including depression, grief, anxiety, anger, stress or other challenges we face.

It takes courage to seek help. It is also a challenge to find a therapist who is a good match for your needs.  The best way to find out whether I am that therapist is by coming in for a consultation. I offer weekly to twice weekly individual or family psychotherapy.  When appropriate, I may also provide longer sessions.  My approach to psychotherapy combines a focus on helping you gain insight in to the sources of your difficulties, becoming more emotionally aware, and making changes in your life.

My fees depend on the length of the session and services provided.  I offer sliding scale fees for people with financial constraints and you should feel free to ask about this.

If you feel like having an assistance, please do not hesitate to give me a call:

+7 (916) 586 51 82 from 9:00 till 21:00.